LaPorte County, Indiana Redevelopment Commission has prepared this economic development plan as a development project area for a certain identified area in the Thirty-Nine North Conservancy District in response to economic development and land redevelopment opportunities made available to or considered by the County and the Commission, this plan has been presented to implement the commission’s mission for the redevelopment district to benefit the public health and welfare.

This Economic Development Plan (the “Plan”) for the Thirty-Nine North Economic Development Area (the “Area”) has been prepared in accordance with and in compliance with Indiana Code 36-7-14 (the “Act”) titled Redevelopment of Areas Needing Redevelopment Generally; Redevelopment Commissions, but more specifically Sections 41 and 43 for the purpose of designating and establishing the Area.

This Plan is the Commission’s continued efforts to:

  • Provide for community and economic development initiatives and programs for economic development and redevelopment
  • Promote significant opportunities for gainful employment of its citizens;
  • Retains and facilitates the expansion of a significant business enterprise existing in the County.
  • Improve the public utility and benefit of the Redevelopment District and the quality of life for residents of the County overall through the implementation of this Plan for the Area.

The process to approve this Plan will be conducted in compliance with the approval procedures set forth in the Act, more specifically Sections 15, 16 and 17 and as indicated in Section 41(a).

Download the complete document (PDF).