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    La Porte County's Opportunity Corridor
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    La Porte County's Opportunity Corridor
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    La Porte County's Opportunity Corridor
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    La Porte County's Opportunity Corridor
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    La Porte County's Opportunity Corridor
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The Opportunity Corridor

The 39 North Conservancy District's Opportunity Corridor is located north of La Porte, Indiana on State Road 39 and Interstate 80/90, the crossroads of the Midwest. Exit 49 off the Toll Road directs thousands of automobiles into the district daily.

We encourage you to take a look at the area, including infrastructure and the facts and figures that make the area so attractive. We're certain you'll discover why it's been labeled the "Opportunity Corridor."


39 North Conservancy District FAQs

  • What are the typical utility rates like? +

    The majority of properties within the district are served by AEP for low cost electricity. Gas services in Indiana have been deregulated; we can choose from a wide variety of suppliers within the NIPSCO Choice Program.
  • When do the district bonds mature? +

    The district's bonds are nearing maturity. At that time, the acreage fee will then be eliminated and our tax rate will be reduced.
  • What incentives are available? +

    La Porte County is committed to economic development within the 39 North Conservancy District and has recently created a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district to promote future growth and development. Also, The district waives hook-up fees for hotels.
  • Is the tax rate high? +

    Due to a misconception that taxes are higher within the 39 North Conservancy District, the district hired Cender and Company to do a comparison with the tax rates of other business parks within Lake, Porter and LaPorte County areas. The comparison actually reveals that taxes are lowest in the 39
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Introduction Video

What Property Owners Say

  • The TIF district essentially reallocates funds from property taxes to encourage investment within the district. This an important thing for property owners.
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