La Porte County is committed to economic development with the 39 North Conservancy District and has recently created a Tax Increment Financing District to promote future growth and development.

As new development continues in the 39 North Conservancy District (new residences, businesses and industry - such as Villas of Briar Leaf, IM&M Manufacturing, Hampton Inn, etc.), the assessed land value will increase and the tax rate will continue to decrease. The tax rate decreases for all land owners because the cost of the bond is being shared across all new development.

Currently, the combined real estate/39 North Conservancy District tax rate is somewhat higher in comparison to the cities with sewer and water (La Porte and Michigan City). This rate is also higher than the rate for rural La Porte County. However, there land owners are personally responsible for the entire cost and hassle of installing and maintaining septic systems, wells and water treatment systems, as well as compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act.

Since the inception of 39 North Conservancy District, as the charts below demonstrate, the total assessed land value has increased and consequently the tax rate has decreased. From 2001/2 to 2005/6, the assessed valuation in the 39 North Conservancy District had almost doubled to $22,760,400 and the rate per $100 of assessed value has decreased from 2.0732 to 1.2720, reducing the sewer and water taxes proportionately.